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Dobbs Ferry
Sleepy Hollow / Tarrytown
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All phone numbers 914 unless otherwise noted.
Village Hall
[link] 507 Ashford Avenue, Ardsley,693-1550

Ardsley Fire Department [link] Call 911 for Emergency, 507 Ashford Avenue, Ardsley. 693-1700
Ardsley Police Department [link] Call 911 for Emergency, 507 Ashford Avenue, Ardsley, 693-1700
Ardsley Department of Public Works [link]

Ardsley Post Office 879 Saw Mill River Road, Ardsley, (800) ASK-USPS. Business Hours, Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00, Saturday 9:00-3:00
Ardsley Public Library
[link] 9 American Legion Drive, Ardsley, 693-6636, Director: Angela Groth [email]
Friends of the Ardsley Public Library [link]
Ardsley Historical Society
[link] P.O. Box 523, Ardsley, NY 693-6027

Ardsley School District [link] Dr. Charles Khoury, Superintendent of Schools, 693-6300 x2201 [email]
Ardsley Education Foundation [link] PTSA [link]

Ardsley Recreation Department [link] Thelma Zimmer-William Van Dorn Youth & Community Center, 18 Center Street, Ardsley, 693-8012
Ardsley Little League [link]
Ardsley Athletics [link]
Ardsley Panther Association [link]

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Dobbs Ferry
Village Hall [link] 112 Main Street, Dobbs Ferry, 693-2203
Dobbs Ferry Fire Department [link] Call 911 for Emergency 693-3000. Ogden Engine Company, Livingston Hose Company, Resolute Hook and Ladder
Dobbs Ferry Police Department
[link] Call 911 for Emergency, 112 Main Street, Dobbs Ferry, 693-5500
Dobbs Ferry Department of Public Works (Recycling only) [link]

Dobbs Ferry Chamber of Commerce [link] Melanie Dobbs, President, Chamber of Commerce, [email] 422-1897
Dobbs Ferry Post Office
120 Main St., Dobbs Ferry, (800) ASK-USPS. Business Hours, Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00, Saturday 9:00-3:00
Dobbs Ferry Public Library [link] 55 Main Street, Dobbs Ferry, 693-6614, Director: Jeffrey Ault [email]
Friends of the Dobbs Ferry Public Library [link] Paula Dambroff, 329-3586
Dobbs Ferry Historical Society [link] The Mead House, 12 Elm Street, Dobbs Ferry, 674-1007

Dobbs Ferry School District [link] Debra Kaplan, Superintendent of Schools, [email]
693-1500 ext. 3024
Dobbs Ferry Schools Foundation [link] PTSA [link]

Dobbs Ferry Recreation Department [link] PO Box 119, Dobbs Ferry, 693-0024
Dobbs Ferry Youth Little League [link]
Dobbs Ferry Athletics [link]

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Municipal Offices [link] 7 Maple Avenue, Hastings, 478-3400
Hastings Fire Department [link] Call 911 for Emergency, 7 Maple Avenue, Hastings Engine Company Phone Numbers: Riverview Manor Hose CO# 3 - 478-1663; Hook & Ladder CO# 1- 478-1860; Protection Engine CO# 1 - 478-1180; Uniontown Hose CO# 2 - 478-2850; Ambulance Building - 478-0261
Hastings Police Department [link] Call 911 for Emergency, 7 Maple Avenue, Hastings, 478-2344
Hastings Department of Public Works [link] 478-2170 x613

Hastings Chamber of Commerce
[link] Carl Carvalho, President, Chamber of Commerce [email]
Hastings Post Office,
591 Warburton Avenue, Hastings, (800) ASK-USPS | 478-0423 fax. Business Hours, Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00, Saturday 9:00-1:00
Hastings Public Library
[link] Maple Avenue, Hastings, 478-3307, Director: Susan Feir [email]
Friends of the Hastings Public Library [link] President, Carol Barkin
Hastings Historical Society [link] 407 Broadway, Hastings, 478-2249

Hastings School District [link] Superintendent of Schools, 478-6200
Hastings Education Foundation [link] PTSA [link]

Hastings Recreation Department
[link] James Harmon Community Center, 44 Main Street, Hastings, 478-2380
Hastings Athletics [link]
Hastings Little League [link]
Hastings Town Pool
[link] Chemka Pool, 478-2511

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Village Hall [link] 85 Main Street, Irvington, 591-7070
Irvington Fire Department [link] 90 Main Street, Irvington, Call 911 for Emergency, Office of the Fire Chief,
591-7403, Firehouse (non-emergency), 591-9867
Irvington Police Department [link] Call 911 for Emergency, 85 Main Street, Irvington, 591-8080
Irvington Department of Public Works [link] 591-6044

Irvington Chamber of Commerce [link]
Irvington Post Office 25 N Buckhout St., Irvington, (800) ASK-USPS. Business Hours, Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00, Saturday 8:30-1:00
Irvington Public Library
[link] 12 South Astor Street, Irvington, 591-7840, Director: Pamela Strachan [email]
Friends of the Irvington Public Library [link]
Irvington Historical Society
[link] The Irvington History Center, 131 Main Street, Irvington, 591-1020

Irvington School District [link] Dr. Kathleen Matusiak, Superintendent of School, [email]
Irvington Education Foundation [link] PTSA [link]

Irvington Recreation Department [link] 71 Main St., Irvington, 591-7736, Joseph Archino, Superintendent [email]
Irvington Athletics [link]

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Sleepy Hollow / Tarrytown
Sleepy Hollow Village Hall [link] 28 Beekman Avenue, Sleepy Hollow, 366-5100
Sleepy Hollow Fire Department [link] 366-5119
Sleepy Hollow Police Department [link] 631-0800
Sleepy Hollow Department of Public Works [link] 366-5106 & 366-5113
Sleepy Hollow Post Office, 45 Beekman Avenue, Sleepy Hollow, (800) ASK-USPS. Business Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm; Sat 8:00am-12:00pm
Sleepy Hollow Recreation & Parks Department

Tarrytown Village Hall [link] One Depot Plaza, Tarrytown, 631-1885
Tarrytown Fire Department
[link] PO Box 158, Tarrytown 631-7066
Tarrytown Police Department [link] One Depot Plaza, Tarrytown, 631-5546
Tarrytown Department of Public Works [link] 4 Division Street, Tarrytown, 631-0356
Tarrytown Post Office, 50 N Broadway, Tarrytown, (800) ASK-USPS. Business Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00am-6:00pm; Sat 9:00am-4:00pm
Tarrytown Recreation & Parks Department [link] West Main Street, Tarrytown, 631-8389

The Historical Society
(Serving Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown) One Grove Street, Tarrytown, 631-8374
Sleepy Hollow Tarrytown Chamber of Commerce [link]
The Warner Library [link] 121 North Broadway, Tarrytown, 631-7734
Public Schools of the Tarrytowns [link] Dr. Howard Smith, Superintendent

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Westchester Links
Inter-Village Continuing Education [link] email 75 Grasslands Rd, Admin 207, Valhalla, 914-606-6800 

Town of Greenburgh [link]
Greenburgh Animal Control 682-5300
Greenburgh Police Department [link] 188 Tarrytown Road, White Plains, 682-5300
Greenburgh Police Department Telephone Directory [link]

Westchester County Government [link]
Office of the County Clerk, Westchester [link] 110 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Blvd., White Plains, 995-3080
Westchester Library System [link] Directory of Branch Libraries [link]

New York State Department of Motor Vehicles [link]

The Rivertowns Tourism Board [link]

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Mail & Shipping
United States Postal Service [link] | Locate a Branch/Hours [link]
Federal Express [link]
UPS (United Parcel Service) [link]

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Area Hospitals / Urgent Care
Community Hospital at Dobbs Ferry [link] 128 Ashford Avenue, Dobbs Ferry, 693-0700
Doctors Express Hartsdale [link] 359 N. Central Avenue (between Verizon and Pathmark), Hartsdale, 448-2273
New York-Presbyterian Hospital [link] 630 West 168th Street, New York, NY, (866) NYP-ALLEN
Phelps Memorial Hospital Center [link] 701 North Broadway, On Rte. 9 at Rte 117, Sleepy Hollow, 366-3000
St. John’s Riverside Hospital [link] North Broadway, Yonkers, 964-4444
Urgent Care of Westchester [link] 155 White Plains Road, suite 101, 372-7171
Westchester Medical Center [link] 95 Grasslands Road, Valhalla, 493-7000
White Plains Hospital Center [link] 41 East Post Road, White Plains, 681-0600

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Aldersgate United Methodist Church, 600 Broadway, Dobbs Ferry, 693-0446
Ardsley United Methodist Church, 525 Ashford Avenue, Ardsley, 693-4225
Calvary Chapel [link] 50 So. Buckhout Street, Ste. 102, Irvington, 591-4444
Chabad House [link] 303 Broadway, Dobbs Ferry, 693-6100
Church of the Transfiguration, 268 South Broadway, Tarrytown, 631-1672
Colwell Charles R Rev Rectory, 11 N Broadway, Irvington, 591-7523
Dobbs Ferry Lutheran Church [link] 43 Ashford Avenue, Dobbs Ferry, 693-0810
Episcopal Diocese of New York [link] 55 Cedar Street, Dobbs Ferry, 693-3848
The First Reformed Church of Hastings 18 Farragut Avenue, Hastings, 478-1560
The First Unitarian Society of Westchester [link] 25 Old Jackson Avenue, Hastings, 478-2710
Grace Episcopal Church [link] 78 Main Street, Hastings, 478-1779
Greenburgh Hebrew Center [link] 515 Broadway, Dobbs Ferry, 693-4260
Immaculate Conception Church [link] 199 N Broadway, Sleepy Hollow, 631-0446
Immaculate Conception Parish [link] 16 North Broadway, Irvington, 591-7480
Irvington Presbyterian Church [link] 25 N Broadway, Irvington, 591-6354
Korean United Presbyterian Church, 525 Ashford Avenue, Ardsley, 674-4688
Mishkan Ha'am: The Westchester-Riverdale Reconstructionist Group [link] 18 Farragut Ave. (the First Reformed Church of Hastings), 478-4996
Our Lady of Perpetual Help, 1 Cross Road, Ardsley, 693-0037
Reformed Church of the Tarrytowns [link] 42 North Broadway, Tarrytown, 631-4497
Sacred Heart Church [link] 18 Bellewood Avenue, Dobbs Ferry, 693-0119
South Presbyterian Church [link] 343 Broadway, Dobbs Ferry, 693-0473
St. Barnabas Episcopal Church [link] Revolutionary Road, Ardsley, 693-3366
St Barnabas Episcopal Church [link] 15 N Broadway, Irvington, 591-8194
St. Christopher's [link] 71 South Broadway, Dobbs Ferry, 693-3030
St Matthew's Lutheran Church [link] 7 Farragut Avenue, Hastings, 478-1071
St. Matthew Parish [link] 616 Warburton, Hastings, 478-2822
Temple Beth Abraham [link] 25 Leroy Avenue, Tarrytown, 631-1770
Temple Beth Shalom [link] 740 North Broadway, Hastings, 478-3833
Westchester Church [link] 115 Wildey Street, Tarrytown, 220-2356
Woodlands Community Temple [link] 50 Worthington Road, White Plains, 592-7070
Zion Episcopal Church [link] 55 Cedar Street, Dobbs Ferry, 693-9320

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