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“Hillside Woods,” photos by John Maggiotto

“Hillside Woods,” photos by John Maggiotto

Sunday, February 26, 3pm – 5pm, Artist Reception
Orr Room, Hastings Lbrary

Show: February 26 to April 23
Reception for the Artist February 26 from 3pm-5pm

“Hillside Woods”

These large format photographs depict the passage of time in our village’s forest. The fallen trees in these photographs are the connecting theme. Extending branches envelope the viewer, upturned roots lead your eye further into nature. John’s purpose is to create a photograph that pulls you into the forest’s embrace. A carpet of brown leaves under a canopy of green signal a season past and yet to come. The mass of some of these reclining giants suggests the length of time they stood tall. The detail captured is astounding, you almost expect to see small bugs move along the bark. Two of the photographs feature the paths. A mechanical cut through a large fallen trunk opens a path directly to a mark identifying the trail. Another indicates a division around a fallen branch too big to lift. Only one photo shows a piece of discarded litter, a blue plastic cup, a scourge at other parts of the woods. This exhibit coincides with the mayor’s call for stewardship, young saplings need protection to survive the hungry deer and reach maturity.

John Maggiotto has been a resident of Hastings since 1993. Between 1996 and 2011 John could be seen walking his yellow Labrador, Stella, through Hillside Woods on many of the trails. He considers this stand of trees, along with Sugar Pond and the brooks that feed it the best natural features in Hastings . John will continue to photograph this natural setting hoping to capture the changes that each season brings. Requests to purchase prints of these photographs can be made to the artist directly at john@maggiotto.com or threw his website Maggiotto.com. A portion of all sales will be used to support future stewardship efforts.


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