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A Slice of Irvington’s Best

A Slice of Irvington’s Best

106 Main Street, Irvington

Slice Shop • 106 Main Street, Irvington • (914) 479-5959

When it came time to choose our first restaurant spotlight, Slice Shop was an obvious first choice. Located at the top of Main Street in Irvington, Slice Shop is the latest project from the founders of Irvington favorites Good-Life Gourmet and Wolfert’s Roost. But what makes Slice Shop so special? Well, the pizza is great. Really, really great.


It’s not you’re run of the mill pizza either. Of course you can get a plain or pepperoni slice but their menu is full of “Specialty Pies” like The Porknado (pulled pork, ham, bacon, fresno peppers) and The 3am Pie (fried chicken, bbq, grilled pineapple, fresno peppers). 

We spoke to Julia Blandori, a partner in Slice Shop, who shared some insight into their pizza philosophy. She explained that when we see pies “loaded up” with crazy ingredients, we lose sight of the importance of quality of pizza ingredients. Slice Shop is making sure that even with their most complex slices, quality is not sacrificed. They are definitely following through with this promise.

So grab a slice (or 2, or 3), some garlic knots, or even Meatballs and Fries (yep, that’s a thing on their menu) and enjoy this Irvington gem!


food photos by @rubysiegel for RivertownsGuide.com


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