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Hurricane Harvey & Irma Relief

Hurricane Harvey & Irma Relief

How you can Help 

from Family-to-Family website:

How You Can Help:
JOIN OUR EFFORTS to help displaced families in the Houston and Florida areas hit hard by the Hurricanes…

There are several ways you can help a Texas and/or a Florida family recover from the devastation brought by the Hurricanes:

       1. MAKE A DONATION to help us provide families forced to flee their homes with: clean packs of underwear,
           new blankets, pillows, pillowcases and laundry bags to carry their belongings.
  • $100 will provide hurricane victims staying in shelters with two new packs of underwear, one new blanket, two new pillows, two pillowcases and a nylon laundry bag.
  • $50 will provide two pillows, two pillowcases and one blanket.
  • $30 will provide 2 packs of men’s or women’s underwear and a nylon laundry bag.
  • $25 will provide two packs of children’s underwear and a child’s backpack. 

    2. SPONSOR A SPECIFIC FAMILY IN NEED during this critical time by purchasing and sending much needed basic essentials as they rebuild their lives. We’ll link you with a family that was already living in poverty when they lost their belongings in the Hurricanes. As these families begin to return home or transition into temporary housing, the challenge to re-build their lives will be enormous.

    We’ll provide you with one family’s names and ages, as well as a list of the household items they lost and need to replace the most. To the extent you are able, we ask that you purchase and send “your” family some of the items they have requested.

    Many will be in need of the most basic items: clothing, sheets, towels, pillows and blankets, dishes… a teapot… everything! For some, all basic living essentials will be needed, from a child’s backpack to a toaster. And even for those families that lost some but not all of their possessions, your help is much needed. As a sponsor, you can purchase whatever items or quantity you are comfortable with.

    If you’d like to sponsor a Hurricane Harvey family, please email moreinfo@family-to-family.org, and we’ll get back to you in the next week with details about the program and specifics on the family you’ll be helping.

    3. Make a Targeted Donation, and we’ll do the shopping for you!

    Join our “Volunteer Shopper” program!  We’ll use your donation to shop for Hurricane Harvey families that we’ve identified as needing help. Based on a questionnaire they fill out, we’ll shop, pack, and ship the much needed items they’ve lost.  Any amount is welcome. Donate here, and then email us at moreinfo@family-to-family.org to tell us your donation is for our “Volunteer Shopper” program.

    4. For Corporate Givers or other groups…

    For corporations, workplaces or other large groups working together, who prefer their donated funds be used to help one or more families, it works the same way as above. We’ll do the shopping and sending, and also keep you updated with complete details (to share) of what your donation has purchased for the family or families we’re helping on your behalf.  Email us for more information at pkoner@family-to-family.org.

    Or, give offline. Send a donation through the mail to:

    Hurricane Relief
    P.O. Box 255
    Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y. 10706

    Click through to learn more and donate.





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