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The Laramie Project

The Laramie Project

Oct 20 @ 7:30pm, Oct 21 @ 2pm
Irvington Town Hall Theater


Presented by Clocktower Players: Adult Troupe
Everyone carries a piece of the truth.

Twenty years ago, on October 7, 1998, Matthew Shepard, a 21-year-old student at the University of Wyoming, was brutally attacked and tied to a fence in a field outside of Laramie, Wyoming and left to die. On October 12, Matt succumbed to his wounds in a hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado. That November, ten New Yorkers set out for Laramie to explore a town and the crime that occurred there. After interviewing more than 200 residents, they created a deeply moving play about bigotry and tolerance, fear and courage, hate and hope  – THE LARAMIE PROJECT.Written by MOISÉS KAUFMAN and members of the Tectonic Theater Project
Produced by CAGLE McDONALD. Directed by GEORGE H CROOM.A percentage of the profits of this production will be donated to The Matthew Shepard Foundation: ERASING HATE through understanding, compassion and acceptance. Get information here

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