All photos by Barbara Prisament
Take Me to the River
Children's Community Chorus Sing with
Legendary Folk Singer Pete Seeger
Hosted by 12milesnorth

Think Globally Sing Locally
Pete Seeger signing of
Where Have All The Flowers Gone
will follow the show

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The non-profit organization, 12 milesnorth is proud to host the Take Me To The River Children’s Community Chorus debuting in a concert guided by legendary folk singer Pete Seeger. Tickets $10.
The children ages 6 to 12 are an ensemble of local Hastings’ residents and the Westhab organizations’ community-based youth program at the Coachman Family Center in White Plains. The concert will feature a dozen songs, the majority of which are written by Mr. Pete Seeger and are included in his book Where Have All The Flowers Gone a sing-along memoir.
Local singer/songwriters Jenny Murphy and Matt Turk provide additional musical direction, vocal guidance and instrumental accompaniment. Jenny Murphy is a song leader with the Walkabout Clearwater Chorus, and appeared on the Grammy winning "Pete Seeger at 89" CD: Matt Turk is a veteran performer/eternal idealist who has engaged audiences around the world, both as a hard-rocking bandleader and acoustic folk troubadour. He is a resident artist in the Story Arts program providing folk music to children of the Coachmen Shelter of White Plains. Matt Turk and Pete Seeger have enjoyed a friendship for almost twenty years and have collaborated before, including Matt's powerful peace music video "The Fog of War."
Niki Armacost of 12 milesnorth says, ” This is a fantastic holiday gift for the children, Pete Seeger is a national treasure and singing with him will be a special memory they will never forget. Pete says that it's dear to his heart to help nurture young voices, and we are thrilled and proud to host this event in our community.”
Following the concert, Pete will be signing copies of his recently updated version of Where Have All The Flowers Gone a sing-a-long memoir. This revised and expanded volume—including a CD with examples from 267 songs—shares the personal stories and historical context surrounding some of Seeger’s most familiar and beloved tunes. Commenting on everything from songwriting to social activism, this autobiographical songbook includes lyrics, music, and chords to more than 300 songs, plus personal observations, anecdotes, and more than 100 photos and drawings. It’s a beautiful tribute to his life.
During the book signing, an impromptu hootenanny lead by Matt Turk featuring songs from Where Have All The Flowers Gone will continue to fill the house with music. The book lists for $24.95 and will be on sale at the event for $20.00. All proceeds go to,
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12 milesnorth is a progressive cultural arts organization whose mission is to encourage adventurous and rich artistic diversity in the world of live performance, visual arts and multi-media. We support artists of any genre and any age who wish to open up the world of cultural arts in our community through joint collaborations, melding disciplines and audience interaction.